Board Members

Meet the Officers

PRESIDENT: Becky Welch (email)

VP1 - PRESIDENT: Jaylyn Sprinkel (email)

VP2 - MEMBERSHIP: Kelly Stovall (email)

VP3 - WAYS & MEANS: Chelsea Gillispie (email) 

TREASURER: Kimberly Eisma (email)

SECRETARY: Melanie Ewert (email)

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Gwen Hodgson (email)

We will be holding elections for next years officers at our April 9th meeting. If you are interested, please contact Becky. 

Meet the Committee Chairs

ARTS IN EDUCATION: Kristi Thronburg (email)

COMMUNICATIONS: Juli Hurt (email)

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Valerie Hinsen (email)

ENVIRONMENTAL: Alex Matis (email)

YOUTH PROTECTION: Cornelia Sutton (email)

SPIRIT NIGHTS: Kelly Coffman (email)

SPIRIT WEAR: Stephanie McCown (email)

PROGRAMS: April Deaton (email)

HEALTH EDUCATION / SHAC: Bridget Krumbholz (email)

STAFF APPRECIATION:  Joann Smith (email)

VOLUNTEERS: Toshia Kimball (email)

WATCHDOGS/MOD SQUAD: Alicia Smith (email) 

YEARBOOK: Lori Loftus (email)

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION / SAGE: Brenda Deneault (email)

COUNCIL DELEGATE: Katy Frater (email) and Katie Lowman (email) 

If you see an open position you may be interested in volunteering for, we'd love to have you! To find out more about these exciting committees, see our programs page.